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Recent Wins

Celebrating 10 of my recent professional and personal wins!

#1 Maggie's Market

I am the lead of a new kids show on YippeeTV called Maggie's Market. We've shot 16 episodes in Los Angeles, and new episodes are dropping all the time! There's singing, dancing, and more green screen climbing than someone climbing Everest.

#2 LA Commercial Booking

I booked a national comedic commercial that was cast and shot out of LA! I wasn't expecting to know anyone in the virtual callback, but sure enough, the director was one I'd worked with before in Austin. It's a small world after all!

#3 Hobbit House

OMG, I stayed in a hobbit house! My husband Matt and I went on an epic road trip through Southern California, and we stayed in a hobbit house in Ramona, CA. It's what Tolkien fans' dreams are made of.

#4 Training with Ken Rea

I had the incredible opportunity to train with Ken Rea, a professor at Guildhall School of Music & Drama in London. Ken has taught incredible actors like Orlando Bloom, Damian Lewis, and Daniel Craig. It was such an honor and a wonderful experience. 

#5 Lots o' bookings!

2022 was a record year for both on-camera and VO bookings. I'm so grateful to have worked for brands like Intuit, Zevo, United Healthcare, Microsoft, Farm Bureau, Walmart, American Standard, and Samsung. Check out my on-camera footage here and voiceover work here.

#6 Joshua Tree National Park

On our epic CA road trip, we also drove out to Joshua Tree National Park. It was absolutely magical. I also fell in love with my new favorite animal...roadrunners.

#7 Kimball Studio

I celebrated over 2.5 years of remote on-camera training with Kimball Studio in NYC. Having lived there before, it was such a joy to be connected to that creative community again. Proud Wild Dog right here!

#8 Formula One

This was our second year attending the United States Grand Prix in Austin. Let's go, Red Bull!

#9 So much improv

I taught Level 1 & Level 5 Improv and Intro to Improv classes at Stomping Ground Comedy. I also performed improv and musical improv regularly. Watch a musical improv snippet here.

#10 Pickleball

Matt and I jumped DEEP into pickleball! We started playing a couple years ago (right before EVERYONE else did...I swear - ha), and we've even traveled to tournaments. Please send help.

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