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Recent Wins

Celebrating 10 of my recent professional and personal wins!

#1 Maggie's Market

I was cast as the lead of a new kids show on YippeeTV called Maggie's Market. We shot 5 episodes in Los Angeles, and all are now streaming! There was singing, dancing, and more green screen climbing than someone climbing Everest.

#2 LA Commercial Booking

I booked a national comedic commercial that was cast and shot out of LA! I wasn't expecting to know anyone in the virtual callback, but sure enough, the director was one I'd worked with before in Austin. It's a small world after all!

#3 Hobbit House

OMG, I stayed in a hobbit house! My husband Matt and I went on an epic road trip through Southern California, and we stayed in a hobbit house in Ramona, CA. It's what Tolkien fans' dreams are made of.

#4 Training with Ken Rea

I had the incredible opportunity to train with Ken Rea, a professor at Guildhall School of Music & Drama in London. Ken has taught incredible actors like Orlando Bloom, Damian Lewis, and Daniel Craig. It was such an honor and a wonderful experience. 

#5 Lots o' bookings!

2022 was a record year for both on-camera and VO bookings. I'm so grateful to have worked for brands like Intuit, Zevo, United Healthcare, Microsoft, Farm Bureau, Walmart, American Standard, and Samsung. Check out my on-camera footage here and voiceover work here.

#6 Joshua Tree National Park

On our epic CA road trip, we also drove out to Joshua Tree National Park. It was absolutely magical. I also fell in love with my new favorite animal...roadrunners.

#7 Kimball Studio

I celebrated over 2.5 years of remote on-camera training with Kimball Studio in NYC. Having lived there before, it was such a joy to be connected to that creative community again. Proud Wild Dog right here!

#8 Formula One

This was our second year attending the United States Grand Prix in Austin. Let's go, Red Bull!

#9 So much improv

I taught Level 1 & Level 5 Improv and Intro to Improv classes at Stomping Ground Comedy. I also performed improv and musical improv regularly. Watch a musical improv snippet here.

#10 Pickleball

Matt and I jumped DEEP into pickleball! We started playing last year (right before EVERYONE else did...I swear - ha), and we've even played a doubles tournament together. Please send help.

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