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UK TRAINING! Katie is incredibly grateful to have had the opportunity to train with Ken Rea, a professor at Guildhall School of Music & Drama in London. Ken has taught incredible actors, like Orlando Bloom, Damian Lewis, and Daniel Craig. It was such an honor and a wonderful experience. 
BOOKED! You can catch Katie as a new voice and face of Intuit! Having double-majored in Management Information Systems and Accounting, this is a match made in debit and credit heaven.
TEACHING! Katie teaches Level 1 & Level 5 Improv and Intro to Improv classes at Stomping Ground Comedy.
(ALWAYS) TRAINING! Katie jumped back into NYC on-camera training for the past two years through Kimball Studio! She's now ultra Zoom-proficient for auditions and callbacks!
HOSTING! Catch Katie as a co-host and producer on the web series Bash & Barb, along with NY comedian Adam Hamway. Two '80s radio dj's tossed into modern times to talk about...well, what do radio dj's talk about anyway? Instagram @bashandbarb
Live Performance
Catch Katie at Stomping Ground Comedy in the Dallas Design District. Shows are starting up again - get pumped!
Broadway(ish) (musical improv) - April 16th @ 9:30pm
Ready Bench (improv) - May 6th @ 8:00pm
The Assemblage (improv) - May 6th @ 9:30pm